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FCCC reativou dia 01.02.17 convênio operacional com a Prefeitura de SP. Para dar uma trégua nas chuvas em SO a FCCC optou por Desviar os fenômenos a Alta da Bolívia para o Mato Grosso, e a Baixa do Chaco, para o Paraguai, que irão permitir uma trégua da chuva na capital paulista. Com isso, as frente frias virão mais secas e só se tornariam mais úmidas sobre o norte de Minas Gerais. Beneficiando a nascente do rio São Francisco e reduzindo a seca no DF. Em 2017 vai continuar aumentando o número de Refugiados da Natureza, o Tempo vai continuar em Fúria... Os anos de 2016 e 2017 Continuarão sendo lembrados como os Anos em que a Fúria da Natureza desafiou o homem por todo o planeta. Fogo, Água, Terra e Ar: Todos Elementos continuam em Fúria: Furacão Katrina disparou o Alarme das Mudanças do Clima no Planeta, só os EUA não viam. Mas o presidente Obama mudou isso na saída e junto com a China assinou o tratado de Kyoto. Srs. Colaboradores: Já está disponível em nosso site (Previsão do Tempo-Alertas Especiais)o novo boletim especial da estação-Verao Inverno 2017(Brasil]e também mais detalhes dos fenômenos El Niño,La Niña e Alta da Bolívia. • Se sua empresa não é cadastrada, faça sua Inscrição acessando a página Contato.


August of 2001 Patricia Abravanel, daughter of the businessman Silvio Santos

October of 1997
Cleucy and the Congressman from Brasilia Luiz Estevão
September of 1997
ACM bars project that reduces feathers
September of 1997
Influence in the Congress to protest
September of 1997
FCCC sends fax for all the senators against approval of the project
October of 1996
Businessman was killed for lack of of a place of bondage
July of 1992
Prince Pedro Carlos Alcântara, thanks the FCCC.
The victim could be you. Luck is our best allied.
Kidnapping is a hideous crime. It establishes a price for things that are priceless (the life of a son, a father, a brother) and subjects the victim’s family to negotiate their beloved as if he/she was a merchandise. Read below the relief, the pain, the horror of some cases...
The Division of Studies of kidnapping cases and the sector of the victims’ family support has the financial support of Tunikito Enterprises.
News published in the press
Jornal do Brasil
Rio de Janeiro, August 30 2001

Help from beyond

Evangelical, Patrícia Abravanel was relentless in saying that it was God that helped her leave captivity without a scratch; but Cacique Cobra Coral Foundation, a Scientific Esoteric Institution managed by the psychic Adelaide Scrítori, had also participated in the episode. After Patricia’s, kidnapping a friend of Silvio Santos’s family contacted the FCCC and asked for help.

The foundation has a division that gives support to the families of kidnapped victims - Jorge Scrítori, son and successor of Adelaide, receives the entity Doum, who finds the victim when touching a piece of clothing and says if she/he is alive or not. Silvio sent a T-Shirt from Patrícia, and was told that she was well and close to home. In 1992, also upon the family’s request, the FCCC had already participated, shall we say, in the rescue of Sara Abravanel, Silvio’s sister, kidnapped in Rio de Janeiro.

O Estado de S. Paulo
São Paulo, 11 of October of 1997

Words of gratitude

Cleucy and Congressman Luiz Estevão from sent a telegram to the psychic Adelaide Scritori thanking her for her effort in helping them in finding their daughter Cleucyzinha. The message is kept with many others signed by relieved parents Who had their children kidnapped and then found like Wagner Canhedo, and Prince Dom Pedro Carlos de Orleans e Bragança..

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Folha Metropolitana
São Paulo, 23 of September of 1997


The Cobra Coral Foundation is using its influence in the National Congress to protest (and change) the Bill that benefits people who commit hideous crimes with lighter sentences. Text sent by the psychic Adelaide Scritori: "A country which wants to have a lasting and an up to date Constitution must not permit in its Magna Carta the inclusion of a guarantee to impunity. It’s a disrespect to the human rights of the victims who one Day may be one of your friends or family member like recently happened in Brasilia.

O Estado de S. Paulo
São Paulo, 17 of September of 1997


ACM stops Project that reduces sentences

Brasilia- The President of the Senate, Antonio Carlos Magalhães (PFL-BA), returned yesterday to the committee of constitution and justice (CCJ) the Bill that benefits convicted defendants of hideous crimes, such as kidnapping, drug traffic and rape. The proposal which permits the judge to reduce the sentence after the first half was approved last Wednesday by the members of the committee in a symbolic voting "May this bill return to the plenary council according to the people’s wish”, said ACM.

O Estado de S. Paulo
São Paulo, 15 of September of 1997


The medium Adelaide Scritori, of the FCCC, goes to the Senate in order that the Lobby turns nasty against the approval of the project of the government that predicts the progression of feathers for the authors of vile crimes. She is in charge fax for all the senators. But in Brasilia he says that he is going to speak personally with Antônio Carlos Magalhães, José Sarney, Esperidião Amin, Vilson leinubing, Gerson Camata and Junia Marise.

O Estado de S. Paulo
São Paulo, 10 of October of 1996


Business man is killed for lack of a place of bondage

The accused say they killed the businessman on the first Day because they didn’t have a place where to keep him. The Contractor Antonio Alves Barril, 66 was murders with two shots to the head on the same Day of his abduction, April 29 – before his family received the ransom note. What prompted the three men to execute him so fast was the fact that they didn’t have a place to keep him for a long period of time. The wedding ring was sent after He was killed.

The family paid two ransoms 60 days between them.

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O Estado de S. Paulo
São Paulo, 17 of July of 1992

Economy and Business

Straight from the Source Columm - Sonia Racy

Straight from the Source Columm - Sonia Racy
The Cacique Cobra Coral Foundation, has just received a letter from Prince Pedro Carlos Alcântara, thanking for the help given during the kidnapping of his son in Petropolis

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